BizOne is now a Snowflake partner


Written by: Chris Sutcliffe

August 26, 2019

To continue our vision of providing the best possible analytics solutions for our customers, we are delighted to announce that BizOne is now a Snowflake partner! 

Snowflake is a data warehouse-as-a-service, which requires no management and features separate compute, storage, and cloud services that can scale and change independently.

Key Features

  • Multiple virtual warehouses can operatate on the same data
  • Full ACID transaction integrity is maintated 
  • Select data or clone up to 90 days in the past
  • Zero-copy clone without incurring extra storage costs.
  • Query structured and un-structured data using SQL

Lets take a brief look at Snowflakes three main components:


Built on scalable cloud blob storage, the storage layer holds all the diverse data, tables and query results for Snowflake. The storage layer is engineered completely indpendent of compute resources, delivering the ability to process data without impacting running queries or other workloads. Both structured data, such as CSV files and tables, and semi-structured data, including JSON, Avro, Parquet, etc are supported.


Designed to process huge quantities of data with maximum speed and efficiency. All data processing is performed by virtual warehouses, which are one or more clusters of compute resources. The minimum data required is retrieved  from the storage layer and cached locally with computing resources, along with the caching of query results, to improve the performance of future queries.

Multiple virtual warehouses can simultaneously operate on the same data while fully enforcing transactional integrity with full ACID compliance. 


The services layer for Snowflake authenticates user sessions, provides management, enforces security functions, performs query compilation and optimization, and coordinates all transactions. The services layer is constructed of stateless compute resources, running across multiple availability zones and utilizing a highly available, distributed metadata store for global state management.


Today we covered the key features and given on overview on the main components of the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. Look out for future blogs where we will take a deeper dive into the features and benefits of using Snowflake. 

If you're interested in finding out how implementing Snowflake can benefit your organization, contact us today!