BI tools - search trends 2020

January 20, 2020

We have done a yearly comparison of some of the major BI - tool vendors the last couple of years, based on data from Google Trends. We have simply selected, some BI tools that we know, are or used to be, widely used in our home markets (Sweden and Thailand). For reference we added USA as well. There are some interesting findings made. 


Sökningar per leverantör senaste 12 månaderna i Sverige.jpgYou clearly see that the number of searches for these products take place in the denser populated areas in Sweden - Stockholm, Westcost and Skåne. 

The two top vendors are Microsoft as number one with Power BI and in second place, quite far behind you can find Qlik. Probably because Qlik was created in the south of Sweden (Skåne) some years back.


Sökningar per leverantör senaste 12 månaderna i Thailand.jpgIn Thailand, we see another vendor showing up on the graph, and that is Tableau. It is hard to see, but in the Bangkok region Power BI is leading the pack, and in the southern regions Tableau is ahead.

As in the Swedish chart, there are a lot of areas that doesn't get enough searches to show up.



Sökningar per leverantör senaste 12 månaderna i USA.jpgIn the US, there is a different leader and that is Tableau, followed (quite far behind) by Power BI. There is only one state that is grey, the rest of them are clearly interested in BI tools!






The newer more "self service" oriented tools, seems to be ahead in our markets. And the traditional ones, in this case represented by MicroStrategy and IBM Cognos seems to be losing ground even more clearly over the years.

If we are to make a qualified guess the shift is also closely connected to the type of cloud offer the vendor has, where the more traditional ones are having a hard time transitioning into serverless solutions.


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