Azure #1 for BizOne

Microsoft Azure
October 26, 2018

There is no doubt that there are a lot of advantages of putting Analytic solutions in the cloud. You will be able to keep a much higher innovation rate, you can scale up and down as needed, you get access to testing new technologies quickly and cost effective, etc.

However, when implementing the solutions ‘for real’, i.e. when moving from innovation to production, high demands are placed on developers to get a sustainable and effective solution. Often this is where the real challenges of security, operations and architecture lie. We, and many consultant companies with us, has realized that one must focus to deliver the greatest possible benefit to the customers.

Of the cloud suppliers we have encountered, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are completely dominant in the analytic space, with Google being a challenger.

Having built several analytical solutions on AWS and Azure, we have “chosen our horse” (as we say in Swedish:) – Microsoft Azure, since we believe that their offer from Office 365 and Power BI to Azure ML and Azure IoT is the one that suits most Swedish organizations, has the largest partner network and best balance between innovation and offer.

Microsoft Partner.jpg

We believe that we have a strong Azure Analytics offering as we can deliver solutions where we take responsibility for architecture, development and operations.

We are convinced that through our focus, we can deliver better and more value creation solutions to our customers, now and in the future! As proof of our focus, we are Microsoft Gold Analytics and Silver Cloud Platform partner.