Introducing the benefits of Microsoft Azure

Ämne: Business Intelligence

BizOne is not only a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics but we are also a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), which means now more than ever we are committed to providing the most affordable, flexible, scalable and secure Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions for businesses. Whether the goal is to move completely to a cloud solution or a hybrid solution, Microsoft Azure provides a host of benefits amongst its variety of features. As the first part of a series on the features of Microsoft Azure we will discuss how these tools can benefit your business.

Here are just a few reasons why Microsoft Azure should be your platform of choice when considering a Business Intelligence solution:

1. Pay As You Go

The most attractive benefit is the pricing flexibility compared to traditional on-premises BI architecture, which requires upfront investment in hardware and software. Microsoft Azure allows for a pay as you go and pay as you grow model i.e. you pay what you use and no need for additional IT administration for operations and maintenance.

2. Scaling/Time to Market

With Microsoft Azure’s Autoscaling, thresholds can be set so that resources can be scaled vertically or horizontally depending on requirements. Components can be added and removed as needed and deployment is much quicker compared with traditional solutions.

3. BI and Big Data support

Azure provides SQL Server and HDInsight (Microsoft Azure’s Apache-Hadoop based service) to develop a Data Warehouse and to store and analyse Big Data. To learn more about Big Data, click here..

4. Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI support

The Azure ecosystem offers the ability to create innovative AI applications, from pre-built AI to customizable Machine Learning and Deep Learning services and tools. To find out more about Machine Learning, read our latest blog post here.

5. Security

One of the biggest concerns for moving to the cloud for companies is the security of their data. Microsoft Azure is designed with security in mind with an extensive compliance framework to meet regulatory requirements.

6. Tools

Alongside Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud Solutions offers a host of tools which are all closely integrated such as; Power BI for seamless data visualizations, Office 365 and Sharepoint to name but a few. Furthermore, Microsoft has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Analytics Platform, it makes it an ever more attractive choice.

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